Lucy Torres’ Parents Lose House in Ormoc

The family of Ormoc Rep. Lucy Torres-Gomez was not spared by super typhoon Yolanda.

This is according to the former TV host’s husband, actor Richard Gomez.

Gomez revealed that like thousands of Filipinos, their family also suffered the wrath of the super typhoon, which hit central Philippines, notably Leyte province, last Friday.

He said their parents’ house was destroyed.

They are not staying there now and they transferred to my sister’s house.

Thousands are homeless really because it’s a coastal area and that is why we are consolidating and really (asking for help).

In a phone interview with ‘KrisTV’ on Monday, Torres said she is going home to Ormoc wih Gomez to assure all her kababayans that the government is doing everything to help them.

They are taking the chopper and before going there she has spoken to Sec. Butch Abad and Sec. Dinky Soliman.

When she meets the people she can reassure them that the government is committed to help,Torres said.

She was talking to some of the planters in Ormoc, all the crops have been totally wiped out.

They really need rehabilitation and the sugar mill is not operational anymore.

In times like this, usually the big family will sustain the smaller families but this case in this case, they are all on the same boat and are all starting from scratch, from ground zero, she said.

Torres also encouraged all donors to give their help via Cebu, noting that Ormoc is only accessible by air and sea at the moment.

The congresswoman also said she has put up a website containing the names of the donors and where their donations will go.

She just want to give proper credit where credit is due, Torres said.

Gomez posted a photo of check donated by host-actress Kris Aquino in his official Instagram account.

She thanks Kris so much for her generosity to the victims of typhoon Yolanda in Ormoc.