Ara Mina Wants to give Cristine Reyes a Lesson

The complaint filed by Ara against her sister Cristine stemmed from the house that they bought for their mother, Mrs. Francis Marie Klenk for P3.3M.

Cristine would pay for the initial down payment of one million pesos and the balance of P2,300,000 would be paid by Ara of which full payment was done last November 2011.

Lately, Cristine started to demand that Ara should pay her the P1 million that she paid as down payment.

Ara revealed that she did not owe her anything because the contract to sell was even under her name as buyer.

Ara soon realized that Cristine did make good her threat of spreading malicious issues against her.

She filed a case of libel and grave coercion against her sister Cristine.

Ara is not seeking damages but sought the court to give her sister a lesson.