Freddie Aguilar Considers Changing Faith to Islam Religion to Marry His Girlfriend

Sixty-year-old music icon Freddie Aguilar is determined to do whatever it takes to be able to marry his 16-year-old girlfriend.

Aguilar considers changing his religion and marry his young girlfriend at the soonest possible time even if it would mean converting to Islam.

Aguilar said his fans and big names in the Muslim community had been supportive of his controversial May-December affair with a minor.

Some of the Muslims even suggested that they should have an Islamic wedding, he added.

Although he was not completely sold on the idea, Aguilar said he was considering changing his religion as an option.

But he has to know first the legalities, the rules and regulations.

If he can comply with the rules, then why not, otherwise, he will explore other options and find other ways.

His girlfriend was open to converting to Islam and he has also talked to her family.

And they told him if that was what it would take to resolve the issue, they would consider it.

Aguilar said his girlfriend’s parents had already given their consent to their marriage.

The family has only one request that they want the wedding in their hometown in Oriental Mindoro.

His girlfriend will be turning 17 on Nov. 29 and Aguilar has any plans on how they will celebrate.

He asked what she wanted to do on her birthday and she told him it was still far off.

Now we are thinking we would not have to wait much longer until the girl turns 18.

I hope we have already found a solution to their getting married by then.

But first he must sort out a legal hitch: Aguilar said the documents pertaining to his divorce from ex-wife Antonette Martinez had gone missing because they have moved houses several times and could not find the papers.

He had consulted a personal friend, who is a judge, and other friends who know the law.

They told him that the loss of the documents could be a problem and it would also take a lot of work to sort things out.

Martinez was only 17 when she became the singer-songwriter’s girlfriend in the late 1990s.

Aguilar said Martinez was 19 when they got married in Las Vegas, United States, in 2000 and they they divorced five years later.

She’s happy with her new family now and does not want to bother her anymore.

Before Martinez, Aguilar was married for around 22 years to Josephine Ponce Queipo has six children.

They married and divorced in London, United Kingdom.

Aguilar revealed that, before Queipo, he was married to Marilyn Angelo.

But it was void from the start because the priest who officiated at their wedding in Olongapo City, Zambales, did not have a license.