Annabelle Rama’s Accusations vs Nadia Montenegro on Twitter are Malicious

The Quezon City Prosecutor’s Office had upheld the 14 counts of libel cases filed against Annabelle Rama.

This is in connection with Rama’s tirades on Twitter against former actress Nadia Montenegro.

The Prosecutor’s Office said that Rama’s accusations against Montenegro are malicious and against the law whether there’s truth to them or not.

The child abuse case filed by Montenegro’s children against the talent manager was junked, saying there was no sufficient evidence found.

The children remain under the direct supervision of the actress and not with Rama.

It also dismissed the attempted kidnapping rap filed by Rama against Montenegro and the attempted physical injuries case filed against Rama.

The resolution is the culmination of the long-standing tiff between Rama and Montenegro.

On the other hand, Montenegro was reportedly rushed to the hospital because of heart palpitation.