Dad Tell Marjorie Barretto & Gretchen Barretto to Drop Barretto Surname

Dad Miguel Barretto tell his children, Marjorie Barretto and Gretchen Barretto to drop thier Barretto surname.

The patriarch of the Barretto family expressed his sadness over the controversy involving his children.

Miguel said it hurts him that Claudine’s siblings, of all people, have been supporting allegations that the actress is mentally ill.

Mr. Barretto was with Claudine during the press conference of the actress on Tuesday, referring to the actress’ marital woes.

It came to a point that they had to choose Claudine, he added.

Asked what he believes is the reason why her children can’t get along, Mr. Barretto said that it is either they are bad parents or they have bad children.

He is sorry and he said God will be the judge.

They feel righteous on the outside but inside they are hypocrites and evil doings.

Mr. Barretto said Claudine has been bullied by her siblings mainly because of her successful career as an actress.

As of now, he just wants them to back off and stay away from Raymart Santiago Claudine’s estranged husband.

Mr. Barretto believes Claudine and her husband could still fix their problems if her other siblings would just stay away from them.