Maja Salvador Talks about Gerald’s ‘Affair’?

Maja Salvador has finally addressed reports romantically linking Gerald Anderson to his co-star.

This was during a press conference for her ongoing 10th anniversary concert series ‘Maja Unveils.’

As to whether she was affected by rumors alleging Anderson is having an affair, Salvador said that actors are always linked to their lading ladies.

The 24-year-old actor was paired with independent film star Dawn Jimenez in ‘On the Job, which featured the first-time partners in a sex scene.

Salvador was quick to laugh when asked if the daring scene affected her.

It is part of the job and he is on the job, she said.

The ‘Impostor’ star also shrugged off speculations that she and Jimenez are not in good terms, saying she even invited the neophyte actress to a special screening she had organized for ‘On the Job.’

While some time has passed since the film was shown in theaters, the rumor linking Jimenez and Anderson, a reporter noted, has yet to die down.

Asked if this has raised any doubt in her relationship with Anderson, Salvador said that she trusts her boyfriend.

Salvador said she never felt the need to confront Anderson about Jimenez.

The actress was also made to address a specific allegation that Anderson has been spotted several times supposedly visiting Jimenez’s condominium unit.

She said she does know about it.

She explained that she opts to place 100% trust in Anderson, regardless of rumors circulating of an alleged affair.

Salvador shared she is not particularly affected by persistent rumors that she has broken up with Anderson, pointing to her experience tackling intrigues throughout her first decade in showbiz.

As to what she considers to be a key to a strong relationship, Salvador said that trust.