Maricel Soriano Returns to the Big Screen

Actress Maricel Soriano will return to the big screen.

Soriano, one of the original queens of comedy is back in a reunion project with Eugene Domingo next Wednesday with Viva Films and Star Cinema’s warring mothers laugh-fest ‘Momzillas.’

It is the veteran actress’ first film in two years, after the 2011 melodrama ‘Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow’ more importantly it’s her first comedy in almost a decade.

But even her last rib-tickler, 2004’s light ‘I Will Survive,’ does not come close to the hilarity (and insanity) in the new movie from blockbuster comedy director Wenn Deramas.

One would have to go back to Maricel’s classics with the late director Chaning Carlos in the 1980s to find anything similar to the slapstick fare of ‘Momzillas.’

Maricel was excited and nervous at the same time going into production for the movie and was looking forward to working again with Eugene whom she worked with for the first time in 2007.

In the Metro Manila Film Festival ‘dramedy’ ‘Bahay Kubo’, Eugene provided the laughs in a supporting role to Maricel’s dramatic embattled wife and mother lead role but she was also anxious to be working for the first time with everybody else, especially Direk Wenn.

To Eugene’s surprise, she found out almost instantly upon the start of the movie shoot that she had nothing to worry about.

Everybody was very nice, from the other stars down to the staff and crew, that she enjoyed filming the movie from the get-go.

Eugene was always looking forward to the next shooting day and she noted that there were days when Maricel was on the set earlier than some of the crew members.

And it never felt like work for the ‘Diamond Star.’