Manny Pacquiao is Already Running Into Financial Trouble?

Is Manny Pacquiao already having financial woes?

Pacquiao remains one of the highest paid athletes in the world as well as one of the richest in the Philippines.

But Paquiao could possibly end up where he started, a poor guy without nothing because he is already running into financial trouble?

Since his days as a six-round fighter, Pacquiao could just be another example of someone who grew up poor.

He has no idea of money management and trusted the wrong people to handle his business investments.

The Filipino boxer has clearly lost the zeal for boxing that he once had.

He used to fight for the love of fighting, and the money seemed secondary.

But as one writer says, now Manny is obviously fighting for only one reason: money.

The writer also thinks that the eight-division world champion’s bank account is slowly inching closer and closer to big, fat zero because of his failure to keep track of all his funds over the years.

It is highly likely that Pacquiao is not making any sound financial decisions.

It allegedly appears that tomorrow has come, and Manny is in need of cash, after years of spending like there was no tomorrow.

Pacquiao has already given up gambling but he is still reportedly spending tremendous amounts of hard-earned money on pastors and other religious groups.

He has reportedly given heaps of cash for ministries and infrastructure projects related to their churches.

Politics is also believed to be Pacquiao’s biggest single expenditure.

The congressman spent over $6-million during his election campaign in 2010.

He has spent considerably less for his re-election in last May’s polls but he spent around $2-million in helping his wife Jinkee win as Sarangani vice governor, as well as in the losing congressional bid of brother Rogelio in South Cotabato.

The writer even warns that Pacquiao could be broke within the next couple of years, if the reports are true.

It is one of his reasons why he wants to continue boxing because he needs it in order to survive.

Meanwhile, there are boxers, including great champions, who had ended up poor at the end of their boxing careers and money problems are as much a part of boxing’s history as devastating knockouts and shocking upsets.

Manny should be wiser and pay close attention to his finances because he deserves to enjoy a comfortable retirement.