Sharon Cuneta: It’s Painful that They Never Let Up in Hurting Her Family

The controversy between Sharon Cuneta and her aunt Helen Gamboa has already made the rounds in media and cyberspace.

Cuneta said that she would rather not dwell on the issue but she could no longer ignore it.

The Megastar considered the tension as painful because they never let up on hurting her family and it’s going on for years now.

Sharon said, it is disheartening, the way politics has driven a wedge between her family and her aunt Helen.

She is married to Senator Kiko Pangilinan and Helen is married to Sen. Tito Sotto.

The two politicians have been in conflict with so many issues, starting with the 2004 presidential elections where Sotto failed to support Kiko’s 2010 bid for the Senate presidency.

Her Tita Helen said that Tito’s vote in the Senate did not matter.

But Sharon said that one vote would have meant the world to them.

Last week, Helen said politics divides their families like when Tito says something bad about Kiko.

Helen also said that Sharon had become ‘unreachable’ and that she had changed because of ‘wealth and fame.’

Her aunt still saw her as the teenager who would invariably make the first move every time they had a misunderstanding, Sharon added.