Baron Geisler’s Bar Visit is Only to Test His Self-Conntrol

Recently, rumors cropped up that the award winning actor, Baron Geisler had gone to a bar.

But Geisler did not relapse to drinking, he explained that it was like a test.

Baron’s older brother Donnie permitted him to do it in order to test his self-control.

The actor became infamous for his alcohol problem and his female colleagues like Cherry Pie Picache and Yasmien Kurdi accused him of sexual harassment.

As a result last January 2011, Baron entered the rehab, shortly after Picache aired her complaint.

Baron entered an alcohol rehab facility and stayed there stayed for more than six months.

After leaving rehab, his first film project ‘Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story,’ bagged eight top awards at 28th Philippine Movie Press Club Star Awards for Movies, including Movie of the Year.

The actor won an award for Movie Supporting Actor of The Year in the said movie.