Grace Ibuna Loves Iggy Arroyo with All Her Heart

Grace Ibuna recalled how things happened so fast when Iggy grasped his last breath.

Arroyo’s death on Jan. 26 brought Grace Ibuna into the spotlight.

A rumor also came out that Ibuna pulled the plug of Iggy’s life support.

Ibuna explained that there’s no such things in London because their rules are different from the Philippines.

Ibuna also received malicious remarks from Alicia Morales, the estranged and legal wife of Iggy.

Last March 11 on ‘The Buzz’ Grace reveals her side and straightens out things.

She finally granted the interview because she wanted to be consistent with her promise to give Iggy a dignified burial.

Alicia Morales also complained how Grace ‘misrepresented’ herself as Mrs. Arroyo’ and even identifying herself as the next of kin.

She said that she has documents to prove that it was Iggy’s handwriting and place Grace as next of kin.

The name inscribed on that document was Mary Grace Ibuna and not ‘Mrs. Arroyo.’