Sunshine Cruz is Facing Another Controversy

Sunshine Cruz is now facing another controversy, after some months of separation from husband Cesar Montano.

Some Twitter users have been asking Cruz about a new boyfriend.

The said rumor came from Montano himself and the so-called rumor of Cruz’s new flame was allegedly made by Montano on his Instagram page.

Montano has not been answering calls or responding to text messages when ABS-CBN tries to reach him.

On the other hand, Cruz said she would rather focus on good vibes. She is currently part of the TV series, ‘Dugong Buhay.

Meanwhile, early this year, Cruz revealed that her break-up with Montano was caused by the actor’s alleged affair with a starlet.

Some weeks later, Cruz said she and Montano are friends again but they have no plans of getting back together as couple.

They are only on speaking terms for the sake of their two children.