Garrie Concepcion Feels Pain Like She Loses Her Own Father

Garrie Concepcion says that when her Dada Iggi died, the overpowering pain she felt was like she lost her own father.

Garrie is the daughter of Grace Ibuna, Iggy’s partner of six year and actor Gabby Concepcion.

Garrie tearfully recalled the beautiful and loving family life she experienced all these years with her mom and Dada Iggy.

This was during an interview with ‘The Buzz’ last Sunday.

Concepcion says she’s very blessed to have two fathers: Daddy Gabby and Dada Iggy.

Her mom had never been any happier than when she was with Iggy because he really loved her mom so much and he loved Garrie and her siblings like they were his own children.

Iggy’s daughters with his first wife-Dina Arroyo-Tantoco and Bianca Arroyo had also welcomed them to their family with open arms, so losing Iggi broke the heart of everyone in their family.