Charice Pempengco is Copying Daniel Padilla’s Hairstyle?

Charice Pempengco is the target of criticisms especially in social media.

Pempengco finally confirmed her true sexual preference and admitted on television that she is a lesbian.

Charice is then sporting a short cropped hairstyle, although Charice’s mother and grandmother express disappointment over the new look.

The singer-actress is also allegedly copying the hairstyle of Daniel Padilla.

Padilla is irked about the comparison and the young actor wants to put an end to such comparison just because they have the same hairstyles.

During the launch of his newest endorsement Lily’s Peanut Butter last week, he told reporters that he can’t even compare himself to Charice because she has already achieved so much in her career.

The young actor then appealed to the public to respect the singer because she has also brought honor to the country.

Meanwhile, Charice said that she is not trying to copy Padilla.

Padilla is currently gearing up for his upcoming series ‘Got To Believe’ with Kathryn Bernardo.