Iggy Arroyo’s ‘Women’ Finally Agree a Settlement for His Decent Burial

Alicia Morales and Grace Ibuna finally agreed to temporarily set aside their differences and repatriate Iggy Arroyo’s body to the country.

The two women were fighting for the custody over the remains of the late lawmaker.

Grace’s lawyer Leonard De Vera confirmed such development that will put an end to any problem that will serve as hindrance to a decent burial.

It is now agreed that the funeral parlor in London should release Iggy’s remains to the Philippines.

Ibuna wanted Iggy brought to Arlington (while Aleli wanted him brought to Loyola near the Arroyos’ house in La Vista, Quezon City).

From Arlington Funeral Homes, the late congressman will be brought to the Arroyo ancestral home in La Vista for 48 hours with Mike Arroyo in charge of the arrangements.

Iggy will then be transferred to Aleli’s house and stay there for 2 days.

Then, the remains will be brought to the House of Representatives and it will be flown to Bacolod City and to his final resting place at the North Cemetery, near his mother’s grave.