Alicia Morales Claims Iggy Arroyo’s ‘Will’ is Executed when he is not of Sound Mind

Iggy Arroyo died in London last January 26 but his remains has yet to be brought to the Philippines due to the ongoing legal battle over his last will.

Arroyo’s partner Grace Ibuna filed a court injunction, saying she has the rights over his remains and assets because Iggy stated it in his last will.

But Alicia Morales, Iggy’s legal wife questions the said documents that says Grace Ibuna will be the beneficiary of all the assets held in trust and Dina, Iggy’s daughter is the administrator.

Dina is one of Iggy’s daughters with Marilyn Jacinto, his first wife but their marriage is annulled.

Morales claims that the late congressman may not have been mentally sound when his will was executed since he was seriously ill.