Piolo Pascual’s Son Defends Dad Over Breakup with KC Concepcion

For the first time, the son of Piolo Pascual has finally broken his silence about the controversial break-up of his father with girlfriend KC Concepcion last year.

Inigo Pascual said there came a point when he shed tears because of the things that are being thrown at his dad.

He said this during an exclusive interview with StarStudio Magazine.

He had cried before and it was a feeling when he wanted to say something but he could not. He really felt bad and mad at the same time. Sometimes, he just wants to say stuff and tell them off.

Inigo said he badly wanted to tell those people to stop telling lies.

Inigo wanted his father would find someone who is simple, someone who he can talk to, and someone who he knows really loves his father and someone who will take him as what he is.

Piolo’s son would prefer a non-showbiz girl for his dad in his next relationship.

Last year, KC made a tell-all interview about her break-up with Piolo Pascual. KC hinted that the split was caused by Piolo’s gender preference.