Heart Evangelista & Chiz Escudero Say Wedding Will Just Come

Chiz Escudero and Heart Evangelista revealed that passion for cooking is a thing they share in common.

Escudero is glad that Evangelista loves to cook as much as he does.

He loves to cook mostly Filipino foods like tinola, adobo, sinigang and also paella.

He thanks Chef Reggie Aspiras for teaching him.

Heart cooks pasta well, Chiz said.

Steak is Chiz’s favorite dish cooked by Evangelista.

And Chiz also knows how to cook steak — it is basically only using pepper and salt, he explained.

He does not mess it up and makes sure he turns it over only once.

Meanwhile, Escudero and Evangelista also spend time together during their dates and out-of-town trips.

They have been together for eight months now, but Escudero maintained that they are not cooking up a wedding yet.

The wedding will just come, he said.

Chiz is not for divorce although he
announced the annulment of his marriage to his former wife Christine Flores last July.

He is not also averse to the possibility of remarrying.