Ruffa Gutierrez Wants Her Kids to Learn the Value of Hard-Earned Money

Ruffa Gutierrez’s daughters Lorin and Venice have launched their own clothing line, the Love Collection.

Ruffa wants her kids to learn to value hard-earned money this early.

She plans to deposit their earnings from the fashion line in their own bank accounts, so that it will be their little nest egg for the future.

When the actress was Lorin’s age, she would accompany her father, Eddie Gutierrez, whenever he went out to sell pots and pans in the United States.

Eddie gave her $5 for every pot they sold and also reward her if she set the table or swept the backyard.

And Ruffa also makes it a point to instill Filipino values in her children.

Her girls speak Filipino well, even though they study in international schools.

Her staffers are instructed to correct the kids, particularly Venice, whenever they resort to baby talk.

They are encouraged to speak like proper young ladies in front of guests.

Lorin is like Ruffa, a studious and a bookworm.

Venice gets her mother’s naturally curly hair and she is also affectionate and gentle.

Meanwhile, Ruffa has two girls to raise and they are her number one responsibility.

She does not think she should go into a relationship if it would only give her heartbreak.

She is okay and has gotten used to single-blessedness.