Margie Moran-Floirendo Feels Disappointed Over Janine Tugonon’s First Runner-up Win

Margie Moran-Floirendo felt disappointed over this year’s bet Janine Tugonon’s win.

Margie is the second Filipina to be crowned Miss Universe in 1973.

She thought that Janine outdid the four other finalists in the question and answer round.

The former Miss Universe said that Janine’s answer was good and she spoke in very good English, compared to the rest of the candidates.

But Marggie explained that the audience were just mere spectators and by watching the pageant only on television, they could never really tell what the judges thought of the candidates.

It is different when you watch it live in the theater and there are preliminaries that the judges will consider before the finals.

Margie also agrees with what Janine said that there is no formula to winning the Miss Universe crown.

And the only scientific methods there is in the accounting of the scores.

It is very subjective, so people cannot really tell why the judges voted the way they did, she explained.

Margie offered Janine sound advice based on her own experience as beauty queen.

Janine should do well. She also wishes her a very good future.