Grace Ibuna & her Dad Hire British Lawyer to Stop Funeral Parlor from Turning Over Iggy’s Remains to Aleli

Grace Ibuna, the long-time companion of Iggy Arroyo has planned to cremate the remains of the lawmaker to help solve the dispute between two women, claiming one body.

Alicia Rita Morales, the estranged wife of Iggy had flown to London to bring home her husband’s body.

Morales insisted that it was her husband’s wish to be taken to their family home in La Vista, Quezon City, and buried beside his mother at the Manila North Cemetery.

Morales already contracted the services of Loyola Memorial Services whose personnel waited in vain at the Airport for Iggy’s body to arrive Saturday and Aleli also gave orders not to allow Ibuna to attend any of the memorial rites.

Ibuna and her dad hired a British lawyer to stop the funeral parlor from turning over Iggy’s remains to Aleli.

The representations made by embassy officials were also ignored by the said funeral parlor.