James Yap Shares His Relationship with Kris Aquino is Better Than Ever

James Yap and Kris Aquino’s friendship is better than ever.

Yap shares that his relationship with former wife Kris Aquino is better than ever.

He and Aquino are now in better terms after the annulment of their marriage early this year.

They are also good friends right now and they can share jokes.

He and Aquino sometimes even talk about their personal lives including their respective love life.

And he is just thankful that Aquino allows him to visit their son James Yap Jr. anytime he wants to.

Meanwhile, this Christmas his son will be leaving for Europe with Aquino until the first week of 2013, so he has no special plan for the two of them but he will try to go to his hometown in Negros Occidental, if he finds time.