Rhian Ramos Describes Her Relationship With KC Montero as Perfect

Rhian Ramos said that her romantic life with boyfriend Kc Montero is just so peaceful.

It is much better now and describes it as a ‘perfect’ one.

Her great relationship with her family, workmates and boyfriend KC are her rewards for Christmas this year.

She feels that those rewards are like the whole balance of her life.

It is some kind of cosmic magic that had happened and her life became perfect.

Her family life, love life and work life are great now that there is really no more she could ask for.

Meanwhile, Rhian said that KC’s television personality is hard to ignore because he really makes an effort to know her family.

KC’s relationship with her parents is also very good.

Most of the time, he really makes an effort that it would be very hard for Rhian not to appreciate it.

He brought a positive energy into Rhian’s life and she is always looking forward to spend more time with him.

Things are just much lighter now for Rhian because she has nothing to worry about, unlike before with her relationship with Mo Twister where she had always something to worry about.

She can do her job with any leading man and there is no problem, so it is just so peaceful.

Rhian is currently working with ‘Sossy Problems,’ the official entry of GMA Films for the 2012 Metro Manila Film Festival, and ‘Indio’ which wil be shown on January 14.