Grace Lee is Surprised when Willie Revillame Offers Her to Co-host ‘Wil Time Bigtime’

When Grace Lee joined the show, ‘Wil Time Bigtime,’ she had received ample warning that she would be romantically linked with Willie Revillame.

Revillame also jokingly laid down one important rule she must follow, she better not fall for him.

But Lee was certainly glad to be a part of Revillame’s nightly game show after TV5’s ‘Good Morning Club’ and ‘Andar ng mga Balita’ on AksyonTV.

She is the second co-host of Willie and also an ex-girlfriend of President Noynoy Aquino.

The first original co-host of Willie was Shalani Soledad-Romulo, who left the show in January to prepare for her marriage to congressman Roman Romulo.

Grace was pleasantly surprised when Willie offered her the job of co-hosting.

Grace was also warmly welcomed by the four other co-hosts, namely Mariel, Camille Villar, Lovely Abella, and Cindy Miranda.

Lee will be joining Willie in his solo segments in the weeks ahead and vows to keep things professional between them.

The program airs every weeknight on TV5 right after ‘Enchanted Garden’ and every 5PM on Saturdays.