Dingdong Dantes is Cheating on Marian Rivera?

Fans and supporters are asking if Dingdong Dantes is cheating on longtime girlfriend Marian Rivera?

Dingdong has allegedly been seeing television personality and model Isabelle Daza, the daughter of former beauty queen and actress Gloria Diaz.

The rumors persisted on their alleged brewing romance but the actor stressed that Isabelle is just a friend and his relationship with Marian is even getting stronger.

Meanwhile, Gloria Diaz, Isabelles’s mother also denied the rumors.

Diaz said she has not seen any flowers at home, or any choco­lates.

Her daughter does not steal some­one’s boyfriend and does not need anyone to make a name for herself in showbiz industry.

However, she admitted that Dingdong and Isa­belle met once in an event which may have fueled the re­ports that something special was going on between the two of them.

Marian also shrugged off the Dingdong-Isabelle rumors, when asked to comment on talks linking her boyfriend to Isabelle.