Katherine Luna Regrets Meeting Coco Martin

Former actress Katherine Luna will not be rejoining show business any time soon.

Luna says she is happy with her quiet life away from the limelight.

The award-winning actress has five children from different relationships.

She admits that it was not always easy, particularly during the first few years.

It is hard to be a single parent and she had to contend with losing on several investments.

She was so despondent that, at one point, she tried to end her life.

But she thought of her children growing as orphans and it was the only thing that cleared her mind.

She found work in a night club but denied going into prostitution.

She took the job because her children were already going to school.

Among Luna’s children is Nicole, her love child with actor Coco Martin who is now seven years old.

She met Coco on the set of the indie film ‘Masahista’ in 2005.

But Coco walked out of their lives, a month after giving birth to their daughter.

Although Luna regrets meeting Coco Martin, she is still thankful that he gives her a beautiful child.

Luna refuted suggestions that she has been keeping the child from seeing Martin.

The actor could see their daughter anytime, if he is actually willing to do so.

Meanwhile, Luna was recognized by various film bodies for her landmark role in ‘Babae Sa Breakwater’ in 2003.