Grace Ibuna Denies Pulling the Plug on Iggy Arroyo is her Own Decision

When Iggy Arroyo suffered cardiac arrest in London, he was clinically dead and was only relying on life-support systems.

Arroyo was later pronounced dead after the life-support systems were removed from his body.

Grace Ibuna, her common-law wife and whom Iggy has lived with for 2 years was with him when he died.

Alicia Rita Morales, the second wife of Iggy and who claims she’s the legal wife may sue Ibuna, for allegedly giving the go-signal to pull the plug on Iggy.

Meanwhile, Ibuna said off-camera that the decision to pull the plug on Iggy Arroyo, did not come from her.

Ibuna said Bianca, Iggy’s daughter with his first wife, Marilen Jacinto, is expected to issue a statement, after she arrives in London from Las Vegas to get her father’s body.

Ibuna has also declined to comment publicly about the threat of a lawsuit.

Ibuna was the former girlfriend of Gabby Concepcion.