Sam Milby Thinks of Pursuing Hollywood Career

Sam Milby has decided to pursue showbiz career in Hollywood.

Milby said it is very important for people to always see an actor in TV, so he is worried that his career in the Philippines might be affected.

His last television appearance was on ‘Maaalala Mo Kaya’ in 2011.

Nevertheless, it does not stop him from exploring opportunities in Hollywood.

It’s an opportunity that he cannot pass up. Opportunities like it don’t just come for anyone, Milby said.

Milby is actually fortunate because he has a prominent agency in America, to help him get projects.

Finding an agency there, is one of the hardest things and he has one of the best agencies.

It will not really guarantee anything but he’s very, very hopeful. If given a break in Hollywood, he would really do his best.

Milby will fly to U.S. in February.