Coco Martin Will Father a Child with Kris Aquino?

A psychic is predicting that Kris Aquino will have another baby this year and the father would be close friend Coco Martin.

Coco Martin just shrugs off the said prediction and he knows Kris is actually joking when she replied that he must be prepared.

Besides, Martin is not a believer of fortune-telling.

The actor said the idea of him fathering Kris’s child is very far from his mind because they are the best of friends and he respects her very much.

Coco said he’s very close to Kris’ family and they treat him as one member after he did ‘Noy, The Movie.’

The actor was also asked on a particular billboard with Kris and baby James, which further added to rumors that they are actually a couple.

Both are part of ‘Bench’ family, so they were tapped to pose for that particular Billboard.

They are really close behind the camera but he is not keen in dating right now, especially someone from the entertainment industry.

When asked if he is open to working with Kris in a possible movie project, Coco replied: he’ll accept it, if it’s a good project.