Floyd Mayweather Dares Manny Pacquiao to Fight with Him on May 5

Boxer Floyd Mayweather is once again challenging Manny Pacquiao to face him in the ring.

Mayweather dares Pacquiao via Twitter on Wednesday. He’s calling out Pacquiao to fight on May 5 and give the world what they want to see.

His jail sentence was pushed back because the date was locked in.

Last month, Mayweather pleaded guilty to domestic battery, two counts of harassment for assaulting the mother of three of his children and threatening his two sons on September 2010.

But a Las Vegas judge on Friday delayed the 90-day jail term for Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The lawyer argued that the sentence would interfere with training for the boxing champ’s upcoming May 5 bout and it could be worth $100 million to the city.

Justice Melissa Saragosa gave Mayweather until June 1 to report to the Detention Center to serve the sentence.

Boxing promoter Bob Arum, who is currently in the country to meet with Pacman to discuss several possible matches in the coming months.

Arum said that he’s willing to give in to Mayweather’s offer only if they’re willing to move to June 9 and is willing to chip in for lawyers fees to further delay Mayweather’s jail time so that a June 9 bout could happen.

June 9 is perfect Arum said. May 5 is out because it’s already impossible.

The extra time is needed for construction of an arena, said Arum, claiming both fighters could generate an extra $40 million by fighting at a 40,000-plus-seat venue rather than at the 16,000-capacity MGM Grand.

Arum said, Floyd will not just throw $40 million away.

For his part, Pacquiao has always said that he is open to a match with Mayweather, anytime, anywhere.