Vic Sotto Showers Pauleen Luna with Gifts?

After the issue linking Vic Sotto with Paulee Luna went viral, following reports that they are dating, people are asking how did Sotto win Luna’s heart?

It’s maybe because of the age difference between the couple. Vic is 57 and Pauleen is only 23.

Somebody close to the couple said, Sotto showered Pauleen with gifts.

Pauleen would return the gifts but Vic must have been so badly smitten that he never gave up.

The comedian courted not just Pauleen but also her parents. He even talked to Pauleen’s father and assured him of his pure intentions and in the end, love triumphs.

Pia feels happy for her ex-boyfriend Vic and co-host Pauleen. Everybody noticed how sweet Pia and Pauleen are when they’re hosting the show, Eat Bulaga.