Angelica Panganiban & Derek Ramsay Agreed to Give Each Other Space

Derek Ramsay said, he has no plans to reconcile with former girlfriend Angelica Panganiban.

Ramsay also denied rumors that he and Panganiban are planning to reconcile.

The actor has not spoken to Angel for a while and he does not know where some people got that from.

Although, he stresses that he and the actress have remained friends despite their breakup months ago.

They are in good terms, they do not hate each other and they are also giving each other the space that they agreed upon.

Angelica moves on with her life and he also moves on with his life, Ramsay explained.

Some people may have misinterpreted Derek’s tweets, defending Panganiban from accusations that actress cheats him, during their long relationship.

However, Ramsay refused to comment about Panganiban and John Lloyd Cruz, who are now being rumored to have a romantic relationship.