Ramgen Revilla & Janelle Manahan Alleged ‘Scandal’ Video Goes Viral Online

An alleged controversial and scandalous video named as ‘Ramgen Revilla and Janelle Manahan Scandal’ goes viral Online.

The video was posted over YouTube last Dec. 29, 2011 but eventually it was deleted.

Argee Guevarra, Janelle’s lawyer confirmed that she was the woman in the sex video showing her and Ramgen in the bathroom, doing ‘sexual intimacy’.

Ramgen’s girlfriend was really shocked after learning through social networking sites, Facebook and Twitter that someone uploaded the said video.

Meanwhile, Sen. Bong Revilla condemned the release of the video, which circulated on the Internet last week and sought the help of the National Bureau of Investigation.

The law says, it is illegal to take intimate footage without the consent of the persons involved and under circumstances in which the persons have a reasonable expectation of privacy.

And it is also illegal to copy or reproduce the video, sell, or broadcast it even with the consent of the people in the video.