Kris Aquino is Willing to Manage Jillian Robredo’s Career

Kris Aquino said that if Jillian Robredo pursues her dream to venture into show business, she would love to manage Jillian’s career.

Jillian is the youngest daughter of the late Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo.

When she will finish high school five years from now, Aquino said she would willingly manage Jillian’s career if Mrs. Robredo would permit it.

Kris also finished her high school, when former President Corazon Aquino allowed her to join the entertainment industry.

In her morning show, ‘Kris TV,’ Aquino said she was really humbled that Jillian wants to follow in her footsteps after learning that they were of the same age when they lost their fathers.

Kris and her sisters appreciated Jillian’s words.

The actress has been blessed to have had the career she has now and the chance to correct her mistakes and now lives a life that she knows, will make her parents proud.

Aquino also added that Jillian is yet to face painful days ahead but Kris is sure that they will get through this ordeal because of the family’s bond.