Melissa Ricks Leads Nasaan Ka Elisa?

Melissa Ricks will be launched in “Nasaan Ka, Elisa?”, which is an adaptation of Chilean mystery thriller, “Donde Esta Elisa?”.

The actress will play Elisa as the eldest daughter of a wealthy tycoon Albert Martinez and Agot Isidro. Isabella de Leon and Alexa Ilacad will play the roles of her sisters in this teleserye.

In the story, Melissa was missing while vacationing in a lavish beach resort for Albert’s birthdday. Then it turned out she was kidnapped and everyone was a suspect.

Director Jerome Pobocan, who also directs “Mara Clara,” revealed that they adapted the show to suit Filipino sensibilities. Vina Morales will play kontrabida. Meanwhile, “Nassan Ka, Elisa” was filmed on location of Tali Beach and Canyon Cave.