Kim Chiu Refuses to Comment About Falling Out Between Sarah Geronimo & Gerald Anderson

Gerald Anderson and Kim Chiu have moved on from their failed relationship, two years after their break-up.

Kim said, she and Gerald have nothing to talk about. This was during her interview with StarStudio magazine’s September 2012 issue.

Their ‘Kimerald’ was considered as among the most successful teams-ups of their generation, but their on-screen love team, also ended when they broke up in 2010.

Meanwhile, Chiu refused to wade in on the issue hounding her former boyfriend Anderson and Pop Star Princess Sarah Geronimo.

During the recently concluded Star Magic Games, Chiu said she is in no position to comment on the supposed falling out between Geronimo and Anderson.

Geronimo’s parents allegedly talked to Anderson and told him that if he wants to court their daughter, it should only be done in their house.

And people speculated that this was the reason Anderson stopped wooing Geronimo although Geronimo defended her parents, saying her mom was not the reason Anderson stopped courting her.

Anderson also chose not to talk about the issue.