Carla Abellana has Sexy Calendar Pose for Alcoholic Beverage

Carla Abellana is thanking ER Ejercito for his understanding in her non-appearance in the promo blitz for one of her Metro Manila Film Festival entries, ‘Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story.’

Carla was not able to promote her other movie, ‘Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story’ because she has an exclusive contract with Regal Films’ movie, ‘Yesterday Today & Tomorrow.’

Mother Lily Monteverde was said to have stopped Carla from promoting ‘Asiong Salonga.’ Monteverde reportedly got mad by her non-disclosure of her movie with Gov. Ejercito.

When Carla was offered the ‘Asiong Salonga’ movie, she was told to have only five shooting days.

Her contract with Regal allows her to do one movie outside Regal every year.

She accepted the movie, not knowing that Mother Lily did not know that she was also part of the movie, ‘Asiong Salonga. But all that is water under the bridge now.

Meanwhile, Carla is not going sexy all the way on her sexy calendar pose for an alcoholic beverage. It did not also affect her romantic relationship with her boyfriend Geoff Eigenmann.