Alice Dixson & Husband Ronie Miranda are Going Strong Even Without Children

Alice Dixson might have finished college in the United States and joined the military or the Peace Corps, if not for her showbiz career.

Dixson started her career by appearing in TV commercials and joining beauty pageants.

The actress was a member of the basketball and softball teams at her school in New York, she was also into skateboarding and other outdoor sports.

She was not very smart, but she was very active physically, she told the press during the launching of her endorsement of a non-invasive slimming procedure, De-Butter Contouring.

At first, Alice started training to run the eight-minute mile, a requisite to pass tests for the jobs she was eyeing but ended up as a licensed Realtor in real estate.

Alice returned to show biz this year via TV5’s ‘Babaeng Hampaslupa’ and the current drama series, ‘Glamorosa.’

Meanwhile, Alice and husband Ronie Miranda are going strong even without children.