Cristina Gonzales has No Plans for a Showbiz Comeback

Cristina Gonzales-Romualdez has no immediate plans to go back to showbiz because she’s busy with work in Tacloban.

The former actress never forgets to have a get-together with a few friends from the entertainment media.

Recently, she hosted a sumptuous dinner at their North Forbes residence before going back to Tacloban where she serves as two-time councilor and a wife to Mayor Alfred Romualdez.

The food was catered by her restaurant business ‘Patio Victoria’ and that night, Spanish cuisine was served.

The conversations were about her work, family, plans in politics and to wind down on the latest show biz happenings and issues where an exchange of funny, wise and sometimes absurd opinions were exchanged.

She has still one term left as Councilor and she has not seriously thought of the next plan as far as politics is concerned. But it will depend on what her husband Mayor Alfred will be deciding on.

There are no immediate plans for her to go back to show biz as she has her hands full with work in Tacloban.

She also has her project ‘Cristina’s Learn & Earn Program,’ a short term education like cosmetology and food processing.

Recently, Tacloban played host to an international delegation of young men and women who belong to the non-stock, non-profit educational organization called Up With People, which is almost like an exchange student program.