Ryan Agoncillo Considers Himself the Luckiest Man Alive

During the press conference of ‘My Househusband,’ Ryan Agoncillo talked lovingly about Judy Ann Santos.

Agoncillo calls himself the luckiest man alive, being married to the actress for three years.

Ryan is surprised by his wife’s ability to make wise decisions that normally test a person’s integrity and principle.

In the beginning, Santos gives value to their relationship, by caring for him because back then, there were intrigues about Ryan, riding on the popularity of a junior superstar.

Santos, showed him that she can handle it well and she did.

When they got married, she surprised him with how easily she has made the decision to take a ‘leave’ from the business she grew up in, where she is regarded so highly, to step back and go domestic, to take care of him and their daughter Yohan.

When she got pregnant and gave birth to their baby Lucho, Judy Ann, surprised him even more about how far she would go hands-on to the kids. And now, as you can see, she takes care of herself on top of all of it.

He knows that his job gets him to be around beautiful girls every day, but he knows in his heart, the one he has at home is by far, the most beautiful of them all in so many levels.

Ryan is promoting Joey Reyes’ ‘My Househusband: Ikaw Na!’ under OctoArts Films, an entry to this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival.