Erich Gonzales Prefers a Non-showbiz Boyfriend

Erich Gonzales and Enchong Dee is the perfect showbiz couple, as seen by their successful tandem in soap operas and movies.

For the fans who hope for an Erich-Enchong off-screen romance, unfortunately, their dream won’t come true.

Gonzales wants a non-showbiz boyfriend, someone who is mature and can understand her work because she’s not free anytime.

It also means a more quiet relationship, a more private one and away from the limelight and without complications from intrigues or issues usually thrown at celebrities like her.

Her ideal man should be successful in his own field, lives his own life and doesn’t just follow her around.

Meanwhile, Erich appreciates Enchong as a person and most especially as a close friend.

Erich and Enchong are the lead stars of TV seies, ‘Maria la del Barrio.’