Cristine Reyes Learns from Past Experience

Cristine Reyes revealed that she has learned a lot of experience from the past year, when it comes to her personal and professional life.

The ‘Reputasyon’ star has had her share of intrigues ever since she started in showbiz. Now that she’s 22 year-old, she has turned to her faith to guide her in the coming year.

Being more religious is not been hard for her because she went to a Christians school, when she was young and she has grown up with it.

When it comes to her work, she is now focused and she can control her emotions not like before she could hardly control her feelings, even simple things in a situation.

She now learns the art of ‘deadma’ especially when it comes to issues and intrigues on and off screen.

It’s not that she has had to change her attitude for the better, but that she wants to be more responsible when it comes to her actions.

Cristine said she is now ready to face any other issues that might be hurled against her during the course of her career.

In the past, she was once vocal about quitting showbiz because of all the negative issues that had come into her life.

Cristine’s was one of the lead stars of the hit movie, ‘No Other Love’ with Derek Ramsay and Anne Curtis.