Ai Ai Feels Vindicated After Son’s Shoplifting Case is Resolved

Ai Ai de las Alas sued an employee of a Mini Stop convenience store in 2008 for abusing her son physically, after he supposedly caught the son of the actress shoplifting.

De las Alas now feels vindicated because the shoplifting case is now resolved.

The court decided in favor of her eldest son Sancho.

On July 30, the court found the employee, guilty of violating Article VI Section 10 of Republic Act 7610 or the Anti-Child Abuse Law.

During the peak of their ordeal, De las Alas was really hurt over some comments thrown at her son.

She is thankful that it is over now and her son is now happy that the court favored him.

Sancho said, he is fortunate to have a supportive mom like Ai Ai, who never left his side.

He said his mother gave him two choices, to fight the case until the end or her mom would give him money to buy all the ‘menthos’ in the said convenience store.

Meanwhile, Ai Ai was once married to actor Miguel Vera.

They have two children. Sancho is her son from her previous relationship.