Enchong Dee Wants to be a Good Role Model to People his Age

Enchong Dee, a Star Magic artist believes in living his life healthy and free from all kinds of vices.

Dee is the perfect example of clean living but for him this sometimes can be challenging.

The actor says, it’s hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle in showbiz, they always have lack of sleep and sometimes they eat junk food. Besides it’s hard to fine time to relax or exercise.

Nevertheless, good health has always been important to Dee. Before he entered showbiz, he had a swimming career at De La Salle University in Manila and he was part of the Philippine national swimming team and has participated in the SEA Games and 2006 Asian Games.

He always finds time to exercise, regardless of his busy schedules. You can see his wall of medals and trophies, when you come to his house. It’s a sign of his dedication to sports.

When it comes to his diet, he makes sure that he eats healthy foods. Someone told him to eat all different colors of fruits and vegetables a day, each color has different vitamins and nutrients that the body needs.

He does not also smoke because he wants to be a good role model to people his age.

Dee is currently part of the teleserye, ‘Maria La Del Barrio’ with Erich Gonzales.