Mo Twister’s Leaked Confession on YouTube Earns more Criticism than Sympathy

After the messy break-up of Piolo Pascual and KC Concepcion, another controversy surfaced.

It is about the controversial confession that involve sensitive issues with his ex-girlfriend Rhian Ramos which earned more negative comments than sympathy from Netizens.

The video was taped in a room of a posh hotel in Singapore on July 28, 2010 but was uploaded on November 28.

It showed Mo Twister, making a tearful confession about an alleged abortion of an ex-girlfriend actress Rhian Ramos.

The said video has gone viral and is picked up by many blogs and websites and has currently 81,000 hits.

Meanwhile, Mo denies having anything to do with the uploading of the video, saying he sold many of his things including computers that he had erased.

Maybe someone ‘repaired’ the erased files and uploaded them.some of his personal files.

However, Mo apologized and said, there’s one thing clear, he loved Rhian very much and what they went through, also traumatized him.

Ramos has no comment on the issue but her network has announced its plan to file appropriate charges on Mo..