KC Concepcion is Hurt when Piolo Pascual Refuses to Share Stage with Her

KC Concepcion allegedly broke down when her former boyfriend Piolo Pascual refused to share the stage with her during an event.

Piolo stood firm on his idea not come out of his dressing room, when KC was still on stage. He planned to only make a stage appearance after the TV host finished her part on stage.

KC got irritated and she immediately headed to the comfort room and cried profusely. Some production staff attempted to console her, saying it wasn’t true but she was inconsolable at that moment.

KC hurriedly cut short her appearance on the show and left the venue.

Since the Piolo-KC break-up, the recent encounters have been replaced with a scene that they would either give each other the cold treatment or would completely avoid each other.

KC is said to be planning to transfer to another network when her contract with ABS-CBN expires.