Manny Pacquiao is Voted in the Top 13 of Sexiest Men of the Year in Salon Magazine

Manny Pacquiao is included in the Top 13 of the sexiest men of the year, in Salon Magazine.

The Filipino boxing champion is thrilled over the inclusion and is grateful for making the cut. Pacquiao said it is another achievement and he thanked those who voted him.

The magazine who selected the 13 sexiest male personalities from various fields, acknowledged Pacquiao’s unique personality as a feisty fighter and a love song lover.

And they also found ‘hotter’ in Pacquiao’s philanthropic side ‘that has not been seen in any boxer since Muhammad Ali.

He urges the audience to wear yellow to call attention to the fight against global poverty.

Pacquiao uses the audience with Sen. Harry Reid before a fight, to lobby for a bill that would help the garment industry, and in turn to his countrymen.

Pacquiao also donates millions of pesos to improve the living conditions in his poverty-stricken country.