Mo Twister is Leaving the Country Because of Ex-girlfried Rhian Ramos?

For the past few months, many people have been speculating about Mo Twister who is leaving the country for a personal reason, he does not want to reveal.

Rumors also surfaced that Mo Twister is leaving the country because of ex-girlfriend Rhian Ramos?

Mo admitted in an interview that it has been a rough year for him and he just need to go now.

Some months ago, Mo Twister and Rhian Ramos were figured in a ‘Twitter rift’ about their break-up.

The controversial host was even labeled as a ‘kiss and tell’ guy for revealing some secret details of their relationship on Twitter.

But now, he said that the sudden decision to leave everything he has worked for in the Philippines behind, has nothing to do with a woman and that it’s not also easy for him to say goodbye.

He’ll be away for awhile, maybe a year or maybe two years but he may return to the country someday.