Ramona Bautista Submits Unauthenticated Counter Affidavit from Turkey

Ma. Ramona Bautista submitted her counter affidavit during Friday’s preliminary investigation of the case at the Parañaque City Prosecutor’s Office.

Ramona was one of the two suspected masterminds in the killing of her brother, Ramgen Bautista.

The affidavit was submitted by Mara’s mother, Genelyn Magsaysay.

The submission was also coincided on the same day of the final warning from a lawyer of Janelle Manahan, Ramgen’s girlfriend, that they might ask the Department of Foreign Affairs to cancel Mara’s passport if she refuses to return to the country.

The photocopied counter affidavit was accepted but on the condition that the original copy would be presented to her on or before the next scheduled hearing on Dec. 2.

After the preliminary investigation, Magsaysay begged off from media interviews after the preliminary interviews.

Manahan lawyer reserved the right to reply or comment to the affidavit. because the photocopied document did not bear the original seal of the embassy that would authenticate it.

The lawyer said what was given emphasis in the affidavit there was no family quarrel.

Meanwhile, the family conflict among the Bautista siblings was the most probable motive behind the conspiracy to kill Ramgen and the evidence was very strong.

They will sit down with Janelle to refute Ramona’s allegations.