Rhian Ramos is Leaving Home to Live Alone?

Rhian Ramos owns a condo unit at the Infinity Towers located at The Fort.

Now, that the keys are with her, people are asking, is she moving out of their family home to live independently?

Ramos said that her condo is not yet furnished and finished to her liking.

Hiring a professional interior designer costs a lot or even if she does her own decorating, it’s still going to be expensive.

She does not know if she’s able to stay there full-time because she wants to be with her mom and sister in Alabang.

Ramos works at GMA Network in Quezon City and her condo is located midway.

Although she thinks that it would be more convenient because she can sleep at her condo after work.

She knows how much it costs to furnish and maintain a condo and it is one of the reasons Rhian is working harder nowadays.

Her project in GMA Films’ ‘The Road’ had just finished.

She is now working on a new drama TV series, ‘Sundo’ where she plays a mortal in a love triangle with Mikael Daez and an Angel of Death, played by Dindong Dantes.

Dantes was her leading man in the Filipino version of ‘Stairway to Heaven.’

‘Sundo’ is aired in January 2012.